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curing olives

How to Cure Your Own Olives!

Olives can be easily cured and brine at home. Do you know how to cure and brine olives? It has a fleshier and buttery taste. Why don't you try it?


Nuvo Olive OIl
Fused Jalapeno Olive Oil

Fused Jalapeno Olive Oil has Never Tasted Better -- Superfood for Foodies!

Jalapenos offer enough Vitamin C to meet your daily recommended intake for the day! We fused this amazing vegetable with our EVOO!

Stuffed Tomatoes & Green Peppers

Stuffed Tomatoes & Green Peppers

The classic recipe of stuffed tomatoes and green peppers cooked in the Greek style is a tasty gluten-free version for vegetarians. Use Nuvo Early Harvest Olive Oil or the B.S.G for an added kick!
Nuvo Olive OIl
Greek Shrimp With Feta & Tomato Sauce

Greek Shrimp With Feta & Tomato Sauce

Baked shrimps cooked a little bit in Nuvo's early harvest olive oil and served with freshly prepared tomato sauce and feta cheese. Easy and delicious, Greek recipe for a delightful meal
Nuvo Olive OIl
Olive Oil and Balsamic Vinegar

Why Do We Pair Olive Oil and Balsamic Vinegar?

Let's know how to make this perfect combination...


Creamy Roasted Tomato Basil Soup FULL of incredible flavors! GET THE RECIPE HERE
facts about fats in diet

Everything You Need to Know About Fats

Josh explains the difference between saturated, trans and unsaturated fats. It's not about good versus bad fats, but what fats are actually beneficial for your body.


Don't miss out on enjoying one of spring's brightest stars by serving Chicken with Roasted Asparagus and Olive Tapenade. Read more!
Guide to buying extra virgin olive oil

Don't Be Fooled! Learn How to Find Fresh Extra Virgin Olive Oil!

Don't be fooled! Learn how to find fresh Extra Virgin Olive Oil! If you have been following us, you know that it's important to always buy fresh olive oils. Check out this video for a crucial step in knowing when your oil is fresh or not!
Award-Winning Olive Oil

How an Award-Winning Olive Oil is Made from Harvest to Consumption

The new fresh olio nuovo is safely stored away in the warehouse to settle into its fullest flavor. The olive trees are sleeping, waiting for the warm weather, which will be their signal to wake up and begin new olive growth.



In orange season, here's a salad that will make this fruit your main squeeze.
Importance Of Olive Oil In Vegetarianism

Vegetarian Lifestyle With The Help Of Olive Oil | Health Benefit Science | Nuvo

The vegetarian lifestyle is rising in popular curio. Far and wide, health crowds are beginning to realize that olive oil is a choice-plus when committing oneself to the vegetarian living mode.