We all know that extra-virgin olive oil is good for us. Watch and learn this important step whether your olive oil is fresh or not!

Josh from Nuvo Olive Oil will show you this important step to ensure you always know if your olive oil is fresh or not.

And just a quick reminder, our olives are first cold pressed in a vacuum, unrefined, and extracted without the use of chemicals to create some of the highest quality Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO) in the world. 

Below are a few pointers to help guide you when buying EVOO:

  • If you can find a harvest date on a bottle, that's great. You will then be able to tell when it was harvested. Remember, olive oil will turn rancid after 3 years. Always check your harvest date!
  • Fresh is key. You don't want to expose the oil to light, which will then degrade, and it starts to go bad as soon as you open it. For that reason, we recommend always store your olive oil in a DARK bottle or container as well as in a dark space, preferably not next to the stove.
  • Always opt for “extra.” “Pure” olive oil and “light” olive oil sound promising, but they are lower-grade oils with no health benefits.
  • Be sure your olive oil is produced in one country and not sourced from multiple regions or countries.
  • Fresh Olive oil has 0 trans fats. If you see trans fats listed on your label, that bottle may have been cut with canola oil or some other oils which do have trans fats.

As always,

Stay Healthy, Friends!