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Fused Flavored Olive Oils


What is the difference between "infused" and "fused" olive oils? 

FUSED or co-milled olive oil is made by crushing ripe olives simultaneously with whole, fresh fruits, herbs or vegetables at the time of crush.

We at Nuvo go out of our way to hand-select fruits and vegetables—such as oranges, lemons, and Serrano peppers—from local California farms.

We mill them at the same time with our freshly harvested olives instead of infusing the oils with essential flavors after milling. This process allows for the essential oils from the citrus peel to mingle with the oil from the olives. 

INFUSING is the process of adding flavor to olive oil after it has been made.
Call us old-school, but we strongly believe in the fused method as it makes for a much richer flavored and smoother oil than infusing flavored essence after the fact.

We are sure you will agree with us that this is a better tasting way of making Fused Olive Oils!