100% Natural, International Award-Winning Olive Oils from Our Farm to Your Table


Dear Friends,

We are Josh and Nathan, two brothers born and raised in Michigan. Back in 2012 we were working regular jobs and decided to visit our parents, who had just retired and were living in Chico, CA.

While visiting, we became aware that our family owned a 125-year-old olive orchard in the area but unfortunately no one was taking care of the trees. At one point there was even talk of bulldozing the olive orchard and to sell the land. 

We knew we had to keep these beautiful trees and olives. We couldn’t let that happen!

Saving the Olive Orchard was our Mission

During that same visit, we met by chance the man who would later mill for us. An Italian Master Miller whose facility was located on a remote property about 40 minutes from our farm.

Not only did he learn his craftsmanship the old-fashioned way, on the classic stone mill and vertical press systems, but he expanded his knowledge to state-of-the-art and advanced machinery.

With his profound know-how and with our entrepreneurial spirit, we truly believed we could save the olive orchard. We asked our parents to give us a chance and let us keep the orchard. We promised we would pour our heart and souls into saving the trees and would bring high-quality oils to our community. 

With our first harvest in 2012, Nuvo Olive Oil was born. 

International Award-Winning Olive Oils

Our Extra Virgin Olive Oils are bursting with unique aromas and flavors, due to the abundance of polyphenols/antioxidants primarily beta-carotene, vitamin E, vitamin A, and other omega fatty acids.

Our olives are first cold pressed in a vacuum, unrefined, and extracted without the use of chemicals to create some of the highest quality Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO) in the world.

We are proud recipients of Gold Medals for our 2019 and 2018 Early Harvest, our Expert Blend as well as 2 silver medals as we participated at the NYIOCC (one of the largest olive oil competitions in the world) and at the Los Angeles EVOO award show respectively.

We Love What We Do

We are extremely passionate about providing excellent oils to you - our loyal customers, who always continually remind us that by taking care of the trees, the trees are taking care of us. 

Always with love and respect,

Josh and Nathan

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