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Nuvo Olive Oil is made through sustainable and certified organic means by H. Marin Farms Olive Orchard located in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada mountain range. Our 125 year old Mission trees produce an “Estate Quality” Extra Virgin Olive 0il bursting with unique aromas and flavors, due to the abundance of poly-phenols/antioxidants primarily beta-carotene, vitamin E, vitamin A and other omega fatty acids.

Who We Are

Meet Josh & Nathan two brothers born and raised in Michigan, living in Newport Beach, working regular jobs. In 2012 they visited their parents who had retired in Chico, Ca and found out that there was a 125 year old olive orchard in their family name about 30 minutes away and no one was taking care of the trees. 

When we first visited the orchard we just looked at each other and knew right away what we were going to do. 5 years before it had been scheduled to be turned into a subdivision and we weren’t going allow that possibility of having a remote chance of coming back up again.

During the same visit they met the man who would mill for them. An Italian master miller whose facility is in the hills, on a remote property about 40 minutes from the farm. The mill is built around a vacuum and is 1 of 5 mills in the world. The small size and vacuum results in an oil with far more stability due to the increased capture of polyphenols.

Inspired by this serendipitous meeting and the desire to be stewards of the earth, their father agreed to let the boys dreams of sustaining the trees take root so as long as the results of their work would bloom into a sustainable business.

In 2012, we had our first harvest. In 2013 we won our first awards and so Nuvo Olive Oil was born. 2 years later, our loyal customers continually remind us that by taking care of the trees, the trees are taking care of us. 

Always with Love and Respect

Nuvo Olive Oil is USDA/CCOF Certified Organic, COOC (California Olive Oil Council) Certified Extra Virgin. 6 Medals collected over 2 years at the 4th largest competition in the world. First Cold Pressed in a Vacuum 12 hours from harvest. Estate grown, 125 year old Mission Olive trees in Oroville, CA. Every bottle carries a Harvest Date to ensure maximum freshness.

Standards of Excellence

Every bottle of Nuvo Olive Oil comes with a harvest date ensuring freshness. Nuvo Olive Oil is award winning because we take great care in organically growing our olives, delicately harvesting the fruit and pressing/extracting the oil. 

We use 3rd party laboratories and a panel of expert E.V.O.O tast testers to certify our olive oil meets Extra Virigin standard. Included in lab test are poly-phenols/antioxidants counts guaranteeing stability ( shelf life) and nutritional content in every bottle of Nuvo Olive Oil.

Due to the 1,000’s of different olive varietals, farming/harvesting/milling/storage practices, each artisan producer makes a unique product to the next. Taste, quality and shelf-life varies drastically from producer to producer and even harvest to harvest. Since taste is subjective we describe “Estate Quality” E.V.O.O. as flavorful (fruity, pungent and bitter) containing an abundance of essential vitamins, minerals & nutrients. Olive Oil begins decomposing the day it is made and eventually turns rancid which means it needs to be stored properly (out of the heat and light) and most importantly
consumed FRESH!

Olive Oil Health Benefits

With an ancient history and biblical connotation its no surprise that Olive Oil is the center of the Mediterranean diet with unparalleled medicinal like properties. CNN quotes “It helps more than your heart. Olive oila is full of polyphenols, a type of antioxidant that helps protect your cells from damage.Certain polyphenols also have anti-inflammatory properties. Scientists have been exploring the effects these polyphenols may have on bone and digestive health as well as looking into how they could hlep prevent cancer.”

Consuming RAW Fresh Olive Oil with other fresh fruits and vegetables is imperative to healthy living, preventative & regenerative care, while providing a nutritious dier. Our bodies need poly-phenols to absorb the nutrients in fruits and vegetables we consume everyday. E.V.O.O is the conduit for all food/cooking and the healthy Mediterranean diet. Poly-phenols, vitamins & omega free fatty acids stick to/protect the nutrients in the fruit and veggies allowing essential vitamins and nutrients past the stomach acids into the intestine. This in turn allows your body to absorb more vitamins & minerals from fruits and vegetables we consume.

Reduce your risk for heart disease, stroke, lower your cholesterol, improved body function, great for your joints, skin, hair, nails, eye sight and cellular repair. So healthy it has cosmetic value as you can apply it topically on your skin to resolve rashes, stretch marks, scars, itchy or dry skin due to the abundance of poly-phenol’s & organic vitamin E & A. Unfortunately, we only enjoy these abundant health benefits from fresh “Estate Quality” E.V.O.O.

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