If you are a Foodie, Vegan or Vegetarian you know that olive oil is not only healthy for you but is also a Superfood!

Spicy foods have exploded over the last 5-10 years as more Foodies like to give their meal just enough 'kick" for flavor.

Although some people prescribe to the theory that more is more, when it comes to spice we believe that spice should be a component of the overall flavor profile – we’re not trying to make a spicy oil that’s going break the Scoville Scale.

But we are trying to make fresh olive oil with a strong taste of the pepper along with a moderate kick in the back of the throat. 

This way you can taste the entire flavor of the peppery oil before the heat comes into play.

One of the great things about Nuvo’s Fused Olive Oils is that we first cold press the olives with the whole food. This means that some of the health benefits from the whole food are imparted into the oil. In this case, that is especially beneficial.

Jalapenos are full of Vitamin C

Did you know that Jalapenos offer enough Vitamin C to meet your daily recommended intake for the day? 

  • It supplies about 1/3 of the recommended daily intake of Vitamin A for men and about 40% for women
  • The heat you feel when you bite into a jalapeno – that’s coming from Capsaicin – a chemical that has been linked to a natural pain relieving properties. 
  • Studies are few but preliminary results show that capsaicin may have some cancer-fighting properties as well. 

But we’re not talking about a medicine here! Well, actually that’s exactly what we’re talking about because food is medicine. And when it comes to Nuvo’s Jalapeno Fused Olive Oil – this natural "medicine" has never tasted better!

If you’re a fan of Jalapeno and the flavor of green bell pepper – you’re going to want to drench all your food with this amazing oil because the heat is delayed, which allows your palette to taste the full flavor of the jalapeno pepper.

Drizzle Jalapeno Fused Olive Oil onto these dishes:

  • Perfect for salad dressings.
  • Stir fry’s.
  • Finishing fresh or cooked vegetables.
  • Salsas, and on anything with avocado.
  • Sandwiches,
  • Cook your eggs and veggies.
  • and maybe where it shines brightest is on tomatoes. 
  • If your meal has a tomato or many of them, you’ve got to finish the dish with Nuvo’s Jalapeno Olive Oil

If you want to go next level then pair it with one of our Aged Balsamic Vinegars.  Make a marinade for hearty vegetables, fish, chicken or pork with the jalapeno oil and the hickory smoke balsamic or add the white peach balsamic instead for earth-shattering marinades and finishes. 

In a world where ingredients lists are dominated by preservatives and stabilizers along with 10-15 other unpronounceable words - our Fused Olives Oils consist of 2 ingredients – in this case, fresh Olives with fresh Jalapeno Peppers. 

Now that’s fire!