In Paris, they have the museum Louvre. In New York, they have Times Square and Central Park. In Long Beach, we have, The Tasting Room!

We packed up the warehouse in Chico and moved everything down south. Right next to the Long Beach airport, we now have a home in Southern California that we hope you will come to visit us!

If you ever had the pleasure of stopping at the Nuvo booth at one of the southern California Farmers’ markets, then you already know our products.

However, for all of you who aren’t able to get to a market, you now have a chance to taste these amazing, award-winning oils as well as all our other products in a Tasting Room in Long Beach.

At first glance, you think it is just olive oil, no biggie. Fresh olive oil is a big deal

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People just do not know what they are missing. And neither did we until we started making olive oils!

To our astonishment, real, fresh olive oil tastes completely different than any store-bought olive oil. Who knew? You just have to take our word for it and try it yourself!

And now you can, we are right here in Long Beach!

In 2011, my brother and I learned that we had an opportunity to take care of and revive an abandoned 125-year-old olive orchard. As luck has it, we were also able to mill our olives with a world-class, certified organic olive miller!

Even though we were living at the beach, the challenge and the opportunity seemed to present itself at our feet. We ran with it.

And we created Nuvo Olive Oil. Nuvo means Fresh. 

In 6 years, we have won multiple gold medals at some of the largest olive oil competitions in the world but we are most proud of the chemical composition of our olive oil. 

We lab test the oil for a number of reasons and the polyphenol profile for the oil is always in the highest percentile. Click here

But, enough with the boring stuff, you really have to come in and taste the difference.

This is food. And like all food that is alive, olive oil and flavored oil have unique characteristics, like a fine wine. Tasting them, paired with one of our 18-or 12-years-aged, flavored balsamic will literally blow your dish off the table.

And the fun never ends because there are countless combinations in which to enhance your favorite recipe, and especially enhance your lesser favorite dishes - I now love your brussels sprouts!

Elevate the flavors of your food without the use of nasty ingredients, instead use what nature already provides in fresh, healthy olive oil, and real aged balsamic vinegar.

It’s hard to find the real stuff. But, visit us in the Village right off Lakewood and Carson and discover the magic of real, fresh food.

Stay Healthy Friends!