Does Food Seem to Control You?

As you know, some people are highly susceptible to addictive foods, while others are not, right?

Knowing exactly how your brain reacts to addictive food is the first step to permanent weight loss.

Does the pull of food get to you?

You know: That bag of cookies, those chips, or that gallon of ice cream…
Are they calling your name?
Where do you stand?

Take this quick Food Susceptibility Quiz to find out!


Food addiction is where you need to start!

Make no mistake, food addiction is real.

Just ask a psychologist, and neuroscientist Dr. Susan Peirce Thomson from the wildly successful movement called Bright Line Eating.

She admits very openly and graphically about her own over-the-top addiction to food.

Trust me; the food binges she had in the past would blow your mind!

So, rest assured she gets you. She understands your struggles. Most of all, she can show you the way out!

To help you, Dr. Susan developed a quick quiz that shows you clearly how susceptible you are to the pull of food.

Do you think you have a food addiction?

This quiz has only 5 questions, so it only takes a few minutes to complete.

Find out by taking this quick Food Susceptibility Quiz: 

Over the past few years, thousands and thousands of people from around the world have taken the Food Susceptibility Quiz, and they’ve collectively used that information to lose over 430,000 pounds.

After the quiz, Dr. Susan will send you a personalized video that explains your results, and what it means for your life going forward.

How healthy foods like olive oil plays into weight loss…

Extra virgin olive oil has healthy benefits that go on for a mile, but, it’s not magic.

It can’t magically alter how some people react to highly processed food like candy bars, cookies, chips, or that gallon of ice cream calling your name in the middle of the night!

Yes, around here we talk a great deal about the truly wonderful health benefits of extra virgin olive oil.

We’ve spent time showing you some reputable studies that show how olive oil can help with weight loss.

However, sometimes it’s important to address the elephant in the room–food addiction. 

Look, my sister has struggled all her life with food. So, my heart goes out to anyone with a food addiction.

A food addict who has no support will be attracted to the “junk” food instead of the healthy option.

So, yes, we will always show you the amazing benefits of healthy eating which includes olive oil.

But, for those who need special support -- take this susceptibility test

Well, no worries, you’ll always get the resources you need to get healthy and create the life you want.

Now, go ahead and stock up on award-winning, locally produced and family-owned olive oil.

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