Here’s Why You’re Not Losing Weight (It’s not what you think)

If you need to lose weight, fat may be the reason. No, not body fat. The right kind of dietary fat.

Healthy dietary fat

Most of us are not eating enough of the good kind of dietary fat.

Likely you have heard that certain sources of dietary fat are healthy?

And, that other fat like trans fat found in processed food is not?

Today, you’re going to love reading that the healthy fat found in high-quality extra virgin olive oil you’ve been drizzling over your salad and veggies is going to help you normalize your weight.

How does olive oil aid in weight loss?

Turns out olive oil is loaded with a super nutritious plant-based antioxidant called polyphenol antioxidants.

How the heck do polyphenols aid in weight loss?

Science has shown that the plant-based polyphenols found in olive oil help to make insulin work better.



Here’s how it works…

When you eat a meal, you need insulin to help metabolize your food.

Insulin is known as the fat hormone because if it does not work, you tend to have trouble with weight maintenance. When you eat a meal, you need insulin to help metabolize your food.

And, lucky for you, science shows that the polyphenol compounds found in high-quality, extra virgin olive oil get insulin working for you to help you manage your weight.

Hmm, could eating tons of olive oil explain the slimmer figures found in Italy and Greece?

The takeaway:

The bottom line to permanent weight management is eating more high-quality, extra virgin olive oil!

The super healthy fat in high-quality olive oil contains powerful compounds called, polyphenols.

Polyphenols influence insulin to work better to metabolize your food.

The body gets the message from the brain to store less fat, and so you start seeing your body weight normalize while enjoying delicious food drizzled with olive oil.

Make sense?

The important thing is to find and use the best high-quality, extra virgin olive oil you can afford.

Nuvo Olive Oil fits this profile. And it’s produced right here in California, too.

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