The Expert Blend | Extra Virgin Olive Oil

$ 21.99 USD


Extra Virgin Olive Oil 2023 Harvest


New York International Olive Oil Competition - Largest World Olive Oil Competition

  • 2023 SILVER MEDAL Winner
  • 2022 SILVER MEDAL Winner
  • 2020 GOLD MEDAL Winner

The Expert Blend Olive Oil is harvested almost towards the end of the season of our beautiful century old olive grove.

This is our most elegant olive oil. A warmth of olive flavors enlivens the palate and continues to amaze with leafy spring notes, finishing calm and delicate.

The masterful extraction process allows our Expert Blend Olive Oil to not only wow the senses with great flavor, but also invite those in the modern wellness commitment to experience a brilliant healthy feeling created from a passionate collaboration with our happier and healthier Olive Grove.


The entire menu of our Extra Fresh Olive Oils is great for cooking (and/or) natural consumption. Add to any complementary dish and experience the flavors within like never before.


All of our Olive Oils pair perfectly with our Aged Balsamic Vinegars.

The 18-year-old Traditional Balsamic is, of course, the most loved and classic pair that you will find in every Italian restaurant and home.

Any flavored Balsamic also makes for a noteworthy combination with this delicate oil. We recommend 3 parts olive oil and 1 part balsamic.