Some of the  world’s best olive oils are from the region of Liguria, Italy, home to the Taggiasca Olive.

These olives are usually fairly small, which is both fruity and floral when picked green, and has a sweetly aroma when harvested ripe.

Luckily for us, California enjoys the same Mediterranean weather, and this amazing, rare olive is also grown in our orchard.

We are fortunate that our olive orchard is part of the Golden Triangle of olive growing because there are multitudes of varietals growing all around us. 

During our latest 2019 harvest, we made 4 distinct Extra Virgin Olive Oils, each from a different olive.  Just like every grape varietal has its own flavor profile, so too does every olive varietal express itself individually in taste. 

We showcased two olives thus far, the Barouni, and the Ascolano olives.

Milled in our small-batch, vacuum-sealed mill allows for incredible expressions of character in each oil.

The final award-winning Extra Virgin Olive Oil that we are so excited to share with you is the stunning Taggiasca! 

What’s in the taste? Unlike any of our other oils, this beautiful oil has a strong fruity and floral quality which leaves the palette full of warm, soft flavors. 

We used this varietal in this year's Nuvo's Expert Blend.  Because of the Taggiasca’s pronounced fruity flavors, it mixes very well with the herbaceous and pungent mission olive oil.

As a single varietal, it has soft and fruity flavors in the front of the pallet, with little happening mid pallet but followed by a medium degree of spiciness and bitterness

This can feel even more pronounced since the front of your pallet is swimming in the natural fruity overtones of the Taggiasca olive.  

It's also very high in polyphenols!

As you may know, all Superfoods have a high polyphenol count. Polyphenols help you live longer and healthier .

Coming in at 495/mg, this oil definitely has a fair amount of body on the back end.

Since a well-balanced olive oil is considered to be a harmony of fruitiness (front of the palette), pungency (mid pallet) and bitterness (throat), our award-winning Expert Blend is considered our most balanced oil. 

Whether you like the taste of the Taggiasca olive blended into our Expert Blend or you’re an aficionado and curious about different olive varietals. 

As a limited edition, we are offering a small batch of the Taggiasca Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Try this rare gem of an olive all by itself. It sure will be a a revealing experience! Enjoy!


Josh M