We have the Ancient Greeks to thank for them to recognize how incredible olive oil is with its health properties and amazing flavors!

They considered olive oil the "gold liquid" and the olive tree was considered a symbol of peace, wisdom and victory.

In fact, olive oil trees were so cherished that cutting a tree down was punishable by death in ancient Greece.

But did you know there were a host of other applications to be used from this “Gift from the Gods"? Such as lighting for lamps at night, used for religious rituals, Olympic competitions and cooking.

Olive oils were mainly used for its valuable nutritional quality and medical purposes. To this day, olive oil is a basic and irreplaceable nutritional component of Greeks, helping to protect health and aiding a person’s longevity.

It's only just the beginning....

Presently, in the United States, the ‘olive oil culture’ is just beginning. 

Lucky for us Californians, olives grow in a very specific climate - the Mediterranean climate -  which we enjoy as well!

It was only 8 years ago that Nathan and I started Nuvo Olive Oil

By throwing our hats in the ring and producing a high-quality olive oil, we are hoping to join in the chorus of singing the praises of real, fresh olive oil. 

As our message of transparency and authenticity grow, we hope it will help raise consumer awareness so better choices and outcomes are realized.

And we have so much to share with you!

Fresh extra virgin olive oil is so versatile.

We’re going to highlight a few other under the radar uses. You may know some of these, but the number of applications for fresh EVOO outside the kitchen are abundant!

1. Skin Care Use

  • Topical use -- there’s an old adage that says if it’s safe on the outside it’s safe on the inside. Meaning, if it doesn’t cause damage to your skin, chances are it’s safe to ingest. With olive oil, you just flip and reverse that statement and you’ll discover olive oil is fantastic to use topically. 
  • It’s loaded with vitamin E -- Part of what makes EVOO such a highly touted skin product is that at its base, fresh olive oil acts as an anti-inflammatory, which is great news for your skin. Loaded with Vitamin E and other polyphenols, olive oil does an amazing job at leaving your natural oils in place without clogging your pores. This allows your skin cells to sweat and shed without causing irritation.
  • It’s hypo-allergenic -- Another awesome benefit is that real EVOO is hypo-allergenic. Rare is the case where fresh olive oil will irritate or dry out the skin. This makes it an ideal carrier oil for cosmetic products.

    Whether you use olive oil to lock in moisture, tighten your skin, help with anti-aging spots, nourish your hair or revitalize your cuticles, don’t hesitate to lavish your body with this golden elixir.

    2. Our Furry Friends

    Hands down, our pets are part of the family. Our furry friends offer something no other human can – an unbiased, non-judgmental companion who never argues and is never dismissive.  

    In many parts of the United States, pets have overtaken children as the dependent in the house who requires, clothing, feeding, nurturing and housing and who can blame them!

    Study after study are detailing just how awesome fresh olive oil is for our non verbal friends:

    • Olive oil for dogs promotes optimal canine health
    • Olive oil for dogs defends the immune system
    • Olive oil for pets is a great for coat and skin

    This is what is recommended: Add 1 teaspoon of EVOO daily or weekly to your pets food if your pet is between 20 to 50 pounds. 1 tablespoon if they are over 50 pounds.

    Some other health benefits include: may help with weight lose and reduces sensitivity to insulin; oleic acid aids in preventing cancer in dogs (cancer kills 50% of dogs over 10); just like olive oil helps in brain decline in humans, it has similar effects in animals; fresh olive oil works wonders on animal skin and hair.  Adds fullness, shine and volume. Think your pet doesn’t know when it’s looking real good?? Think again!

    3. Other Cool Uses:

    • Diesel Fuel -- Did you know that one of the coolest uses for olive oil is in Diesel fuel? That’s right, you can mix up to 20% of olive oil with your diesel fuel and you will run your truck – pretty incredible!
    • Use it as fuel for an all-natural candle.
    • Use to shine or polish copper and brass.
    • Wipe down your razor blades to help prevent rust.
    • Make your own olive oil soap, lip balm or salve.
    • Once olive oil turns rancid, a great application for it is as a grease.
    • Whether your door hinges are squeaky, your bicycle chain needs a new cut of grease, you need to polish old leather sofa, shoes shine or clean  stainless steel pots – olive oil is the right tool for the job!
    Josh M