It’s been a myth for ages, but the myth about olive oil having a low smoking point and being unfit to cook with is finally busted after a research study was published in 2018 “ACTA Scientific National Health” journal.

Joseph Profaci, a well-known name in the Olive Oil industry is the executive director of the North American Olive Oil Association. He has stated that not only does olive oil withstand high temperatures but it is also a very stable oil. Olive oil is great to cook with for it retains its nutritional value even when it is piping hot. Olive oil was tested and the study was conducted to prove that it can withstand high temperatures. The study was then featured in the 2018 journal of ACTA, which is an internationally acclaimed peer-reviewed online publishing group.

The study clearly showed that the low smoking point is a myth and has somehow survived the ages.

Let’s understand what “smoking point” means:

Every oil being heated will have a smoking point that is the degree to which it starts to burn. Olive oil like other oils has fat content and it will have a smoking point as well.

To prove it olive oil has a higher smoking point than previously believed, Profaci along with Simon Poole, M.D., who is also the author of the bestseller book “The Olive Oil Diet,” and a key member of the advisory board at the Olive Wellness Institute, has proved in the study that olive oil can withstand high temperatures up to 475 ℉ depending on the quality of extra virgin olive oil.

What brought about the myth?

People say that if there is a myth, there must be some background to it. The misconception started by individuals who believe that because extra virgin olive oil is made from cold-pressed olives and is an unrefined form of olive oil, that it will have a low smoking point compared to other cooking oils. Typically, coconut oil and butter, which are commonly used in the kitchen have a smoking point of 350 ℉.

Profaci proves that extra virgin olive oil can withstand the same heat as any regular oil which is up to temperatures around 475 ℉, whether one chooses to cook on the stove or use the oil to cook in the oven.

Dr. Poole also says that olive oil is so rich in polyphenols and antioxidants that when it heats it does not let oxidation happen and retains all of the nutrients unlike other varieties of cooking oil.

When heating, the nutritional value of other oils will reduce but because Olive oil is is rich in polyphenols, it does not let the oxidation happen and therefore it is the most stable oil to cook with. The smoking point is nothing but a myth that has been circulating for generations and now is the time to get rid of it.

Why use olive oil at all?

There is no doubt that olive oil is full of health benefits and is the number one choice of nutritionists all over the world. Olive oil has healing properties that help in rejuvenating one’s body. For those who gym and exercise, the regular use of olive oil can help you lose weight, provide optimum nutrition, and wash toxins out of your system.

Extra virgin olive oil retains the natural goodness of the olives and is one of the best varieties of olive oil that you cannot afford to miss out on.

Here are the benefits of olive oil:

  • Helps monitor your sugar levels. It works exceptionally well for those who suffer from diabetes.
  • Helps balance blood pressure.
  • Rejuvenates your body, as it helps in cell repair.
  • Antiaging properties as extra virgin olive oil are full of antioxidants.
  • Regular use of olive oil helps deep cleanse your body from within by washing out all the toxins making you look healthier, younger, and glowing.

The benefits of extra virgin olive oil are endless and only those who consume olive oil on an everyday basis will know that the oil adds great flavor to the food. Olive oil can help you feel much lighter, energetic, and boost concentration levels at work. Olive oils will add magic to every dish that you cook.

January 13, 2021 — Josh M

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