"Around the world where soccer reigns the TV channels on the weekends, there was a lot of talk about one particular professional soccer star player" Lionel Messi.

Soccer Star battling health issues

Lionel Messi has won tournaments and accolades in one of the most successful sports stories in history, though he was battling stomach issues (nervous vomiting before and even during games) and some muscle injuries.

His return to top form is reportedly attributed to the advice and healing of his nutritionist Dr. Giuliano Poser.

How his nutritionist helped

Messi flew to Italy to meet Dr. Giuliano Poser, a nutritionist from Sacile, Northern Italy. Dr. Poser is one of the best at preventing injuries by using a mix of Bach flower remedies, emotional therapy, a balanced diet as well as a method called Applied Kinesiology.  

AK consists of muscle testing and is used both as a diagnostic and a therapeutic tool. 

After a series of tests (not only with food but of some muscles and supplements as well), a personal treatment arises, though in all cases it is based on a healthy diet.

Healing according to Dr. Posen's Protocol:

There are five foods that are considered premium foods-

  • Water
  • high-quality olive oil
  • integral cereals
  • and fresh, organic fruits and vegetables, that is, not contaminated with pesticides, herbicides
  • Dried fruits and seeds

What to avoid:

  • Sugar and refined flours are to be completely avoided. Sugar is truly the worst for our muscles.
  • Meats are to be consumed in moderation 
  • Use salt sparingly

All these sound quite familiar to people who have studied the Mediterranean diet, which has similar guidelines.

Health benefits of EVOO:

It’s interesting to note that Dr. Poser uses high-quality extra virgin olive oil for his health regiment. In terms of health benefits, only the finest and authentic olive oils (not mixed with other inferior oils) are low in anti-oxidants and have powerful compounds called polyphenols.

"Since Messi changed to this diet, he has not suffered muscle injuries and his stomach problems are gone. He eliminated processed food and replaced them with foods rich in vitamins: cereals, vegetables, fish and olive oil,” Poser added.

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