Rarely seen navigating the highest peaks, baffled in nature's concrete, in and out of puzzling difficulty, within the extremity of natural beauty, upon the breathtaking edifice and relying on laughing slabs of rock to enlighten the senses and breath light upon a path to be chosen, in places like, The Himalayas, Mount Fuji, and The Alps is a very special kind of athlete, The Mountain Climber.

What is it that drives us as an Earthly species to experience the momentous of nature? Is it the chance at victory, the challenge, or is it the eye-catching beauty, the glory, or is it the story, the journey, or is it just simply, how we perceive in the depth of ourselves, our capableness? In other words, is it the Olive Oil…..?

It is often an occurrence that our health is who we are. It is the very basis of our existence and in many ways even more so; it is the dyer connection needed to achieve the more rewarding journey within this earthly stay. And the endurance athlete is a scholar of The Earth and a master in self-renewal, destined to become an unparalleled nutritionist. And the journeying athlete? The journeying athlete is a master in small volume dietary strategics. And according to one journeying athlete, “one could cheat nature with olive oil alone.”

Since the summer of 1896, when Olympians were crowned with Olive Wreaths, and since even before then, professional athletes have been enjoying the incredible health benefits of an Olive Tree’s flourish. So it is not surprising that it is once again in style, to not only incorporate a good olive oil before and during endurance athleticism but to also achieve a complete benefit from it, by topically applying a real olive oil to the muscular system for a stealth and timely recovery.

Not only is olive oil topically good for muscle recovery and digestively great for the production of super energy, but it also has oleic acids in it that help to convert cholesterol into testosterone, which is an amazing plus to the musculatory system. Because the benefits of olive oil in regards to endurance athleticism is mostly concerned with nutrition density, a nutrient-rich olive oil would be the main objective before an athlete of enduring modes would include it into their dietary plan.

What Nuvo suggests to endurance athletes is The Early Harvest Olive Oil. It’s nutritionally robust. It’s the epitome of what an Extra Virgin Olive Oil is. The freshest fruitions of an Olive Tree are packed with health properties and The Early Harvest, in its own right, is the best in its category, a 2018 EVOO Gold Winner. From Nuvo to the journeying athletes that inspire a many and few, “Happy Trekking”.

Nuvo Olive OIl