Nuvo Mother's Day | Amenity Extras

$ 17.99 USD

Keep it Simple and Elegant!

The easiest way to say I love you is through an action.  Nuvo has brought 2 incredible items together; one for your skin, and the other for food!

  1.  2ml bottle Nuvo Pure.  Made with 3 ingredients, our SkinCare oil will leave you smelling like a spa and make you feel like you just left one.  Hydrating, nourishing, and packed in a small envelope to make it easy to carry around in your purse and moisturize on the go!
  2. Tuscan Herbs in a Round  Jar: A handcrafted mix, paired with a delightful wooden spoon to bring rustic elegance to your favorite seasonings.  An all-purpose seasoning that will bring a touch of Italy to any dish.  Whether you add it to olive oil and balsamic with rustic bread, on top of fish, veggies, eggs, or meats, this trusty go-to seasoning is a surefire way to finish any dish. 

Make gift-giving simple, yet elegant.  1 for beauty, 1 for health.  A most complete gift indeed!