Nuvo Gourmet Gift Box | HIGH POLYPHENOL

$ 111.99 USD


Nuvo's 'High Polyphenol' Gift Box is the Perfect gift for when you really need to make the best kind of impression.  This is the ULTIMATE 'food is medicine' gift box!

The Nuvo's High Polyphenol gift box is a collection of 3 of our extra virgin olive oils with the highest amount of polyphenols in them!  Polyphenols are the horsepower in olive oil, the good stuff that protects against oxidative stress and free radicals. 

This is for the health nut who wants the very healthiest olive oil available on the market.  The great thing is that we don't just know these oils are healthy - we have the lab tests to prove it too!

Nuvo Gourmet 'The Presidential' Gift Box 

A truly unique set of extra virgin olive oil that would be hard to find anywhere in the world.  Extraordinarily tasty and healthy!