Jalapeno Stuffed - Sevillano Olives - The Martini Olive

$ 13.99 USD

The classic Martini Olive stuffed with fresh jalapeno!  Out with the pit and in with the jalapenos! 

Like all Nuvo products, the use of fresh ingredients means the flavors are never overbearing but work together to create a wonderful flavor profile.  The jalapeno stuffed olive is no different.  The flavor of the olive works in concert with the jalapeno to make for a sweet/salty semi-spicy flavor - an awesome flavor with some nice heat on the back end of the pallet.   

Sevillano olives are slowly cured for 10 months in a brine of salt, water, and distilled wine vinegar.  Great for martini's, cocktails, salads, or as a great snack!

Vacuum sealed for freshness.