Fused Olive Oil - B.S.G (Basil/Serrano/Garlic)

$ 22.99 USD


We mixed 3 of our favorite fused olive oils

into ONE bottle to create an incredible explosion of Mediterranean flavor!

All our fused olive oils are co-milled/fused. This means we use organic basil, pepper, and garlic and pressed them at the same time with our freshly harvested olives. We do not infuse our EVOO with additional essential oils.

By doing it this way, we feel flavored olive oils retain most of the fruits' richness and it creates an incredible Mediterranean flavored EVOO with a bit of a spicy, garlicky kick.


Drizzle on these dishes:

Grilled or cooked vegetables, salads, cauliflower pizza, pasta, eggs, chicken, seafood or any Mediteranean dish

Want an even better tasting experience?

Then Combine this Flavored Olive oil with these Balsamic Vinegar
  • White Peach Balsamic - An amazing contrast of flavors.  It's so refreshing people put it in their sparkling water. Salads, Marinade a Chicken or White Fish; put it in pasta or a bowl fruity and feta cheese.
  • Hickory Smoke Balsamic - Make a killer marinade with the B.S.G and smoky balsamic. Reduce the balsamic for 10 min over low heat, add the oil and you have an outstanding sauce.

Available in 250 ml and 500 ml bottles.