Butter Flavored Olive Oil and Thyme Flavored Olive Oil - Seasonal Summer Combo Pack

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Our Seasonal Summer Flavored Olive Oil Pack - 2 new and out-of-this-world olive oils that have been flavored to perfection!  The Seasonal Summer pack for this year consists of:
  • Thyme Olive Oil 
  • Butter Olive Oil 


  • Thyme Olive Oil fits the mold of the perfect herb olive oil.  Thyme is an ingredient that can be used frequently.  Having a fresh olive oil finely balanced with thyme means adding that extra special thyme flavor has never been easier! 
  • Add to:  Salads, Fruits, Potatoes, Chicken, Veggies, Seafood, Pork, Pasta, Rice, Kale Chips and so much more!
  • Butter Olive Oil simply put, is a wow!  Why fight between butter or olive oil when you can get the best of both worlds:  olive oil has a higher smoke point than butter and you get that great butter flavor.  Vegans are especially happy to re-introduce this amazing flavor back into their foods and when you try it on popcorn you're going to be in 7th heaven.  
  • Add to:  Everything?  Everything!  Cooking or baking with it is a must.  Popcorn, eggs, veggies, steak, seafood, finish a pasta or risotto and so much more!


Available in 100ml bottles with or without Jute Handle Bag
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