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Fused Olive OIl+ Flavored Balsamic Set and Bread Dipping Herb Blend

For the ultimate Dad Flavor!  Discover the perfect blend of style, convenience, and versatility with our 4 Bottle Combo Set. Each bottle in this meticulously curated combo is designed to enhance your culinary adventures, and simplify your life!

2 Fused Olive Oils and 2 Flavored Balsamic Vinegars which you can combine in so many different ways.  The perfect savory balsamic set for BBQ, marinades, sandwiches, or bread dipping!  Try this Summer Bundle of Fun!

The Combo:

  • B.S.G (basil/serrano/garlic) Olive Oil
  • Garlic/Butter Olive Oil
  • Italian Herbs Balsamic Vinegar 
  • Caramelized Onion Balsamic Vinegar
  • Tuscan Herb Dip

The B.S.G is the go-to Mediterranean dip.  Whether it's pizza, brussel sprouts, sandwiches, or bread dipping, incredible flavor is just a drizzle away!

The Garlic/Butter olive oil is a marinade's heavenly dream.  Garlic and Butter mixed together - what more can you ask for?  Marinades, potatoes, steaks, chicken, vegetables, fish, seafood and so much more.

The Italian herbs balsamic has a beautiful savory, herby taste with hints of onion, oregano, thyme, and parmesan.  An easy, healthy way to add a 'taste of Italy' to any dish!

The Caramelized Onion is an onion lover delight!  Burgers, ribs, pork chops, roasted vegetables, tofu seafood - anywhere you can imagine the succulent flavor of caramelized onion.

Bread Dipping Herb Blend is the perfect blend of herbs for most anything, but especially bread dips!  Along with a pinch of Kosher salt is: Oregano, Basil, Parsley, Onion, Garlic, Thyme, Chives, Red Pepper flakes (not much).  Also includes a mini-wooden scooper!

Best Uses:

  • B.S.G and the Italian Herbs - the best bread dip
  • Garlic/Butter and Caramelized Onion - the best marinade


Try this incredible bundle today!