2.5 GALLON - The Everyday, California Extra Virgin Olive Oil | EVOO

$ 500.00 USD


The Heart Of The Olive EVOO - GALLON SIZE HARVEST 23’


Your favorite extra virgin olive oil at its' best value.  2.5 gallons of All-Purpose, Extra Virgin Olive Oil. 

Packed with health and goodness, this powerhouse Everyday California Olive Oil is a choice kitchen plus.

The everyday California Oil is from an amazing Olive Grove. It's fresh, extra virgin and from a later harvest, so this smooth olive oil is optimal for cooking but still fantastic as a finishing oil.

Some olive oils are more suited for finishing foods while The Everyday Olive Oil is harvested to be mostly used as a cooking oil.  Guarding flavor, vital antioxidants, and healthy fats, make it a popular Olive Oil among the health and foodies crowds.  But it’s also a wonderful All Purpose and Finishing Oil too!

Whether in a hot pan, oven, or grill, our Everyday Olive Oil can reach 425F and maintain its super-food qualities, a great option for sauteing vegetables, frying eggs, broiling steaks, pan-frying chicken, or baking fresh fish.

Also, try this Olive Oil for salads and bread accompaniments, and prepare to be amazed!!

Ideal for: Sautéing, Flash Frying, Baking, Dipping, and Finishing

**Available sizes:  2.5 gallons and 5 gallons (free shipping on both sizes)