The Quatros - White Raspberry, White Peach, The Godmother, Meyer Lemon White Balsamic

$ 42.99 USD

Who says Fours Can't Have Fun? 

Nuvo's 4 best-selling white balsamic vinegars are bundled together to create the ultimate 4 pack for White Balsamic lovers!  

But what is white balsamic vinegar?

Simply put, when cooking the Trebbiano (white grapes) down, the grapes are removed from the fire before they caramelize.  This will keep the light color as well as a softer, sweeter-tasting balsamic.  

Great for salads, fruits, marinades, and cocktails!  

4 x Aged Balsamic Vinegar

1)  White Raspberry Balsamic

2) White Peach Balsamic 

3) The Godmother Balsamic  

4) Meyer Lemon Balsamic  

Balsamic Vinegar is an ancient delicacy that only requires a small amount to be greatly enjoyed.  But don't hold back, try these exciting flavors on all your favorite dishes!