The Valentine Combo: Fused Basil Olive Oil | Raspberry White Balsamic

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The Flavor Taste Better with You!

A one of a kind pairing that combines sweet and savory in ways you can only dream of!  Our fused Basil Olive Oil, with its strong herbaceous and savory notes, makes for quite a special match with our 12 years aged Raspberry White Balsamic. 

Because the balsamic is white, it is lighter and less intense.  This allows for a wonderfully balanced flavor that is surprisingly versatile for all kinds of purposes.

Intensify your flavors by adding this fantastic duo to salad dressings, cooked veggies, warm crusty baguettes, even desserts, and ice cream!  We know you're gonna love it!

Olive Oil and Balsamic Vinegar have an exciting and rich relationship together.  A table with olive oil and balsamic is sure to be a table full of happy faces, enjoy!