Nuvo Gourmet Gift Box | THE BAKER

$ 94.99 USD

Nuvo's 'THE BAKER' Gift Box is the Perfect gift for those of you who love to bake.  Everything you need for both, sweet and savory treats.   Discover the wonder of baking with olive oil and finishing with balsamic vinegar!

The 'BAKER' gift box is made for exactly who you think it's made for - the baker inside of us all.  The joy of baking with olive oil is real.  You'll have a fluffier/moister;/juicier inside while maintaining a crispier outside.  Plus, with Nuvo's Butter Olive Oil, you get the higher functionality of olive oil, but you still get that amazing butter flavor!  Have you ever made a blood orange olive oil cake and then finished it with Raspberry or Chocolate Balsamic?  Here's your chance!

Nuvo Gourmet 'THE BAKER' Gift Box 

  • 500 ml Butter Olive Oil 
  • 250 ml Blood Orange Olive Oil
  • 60 ml Chocolate Balsamic; Dark Rasberry Balsamic; Meyer Lemon White Balsamic 
  • Olive Wood Spatula 

Combine this Box with another Box or 3 other Boxes for the fullest Nuvo experience (and to unlock some extra savings!)