Nuvo Gourmet Gift Box | The Pantry Kit

$ 149.99 USD

Nuvo's 'The Pantry Kit' Gift Box is the Perfect gift to get started with all things Nuvo!  This is the first step into a brand-new love affair with some of your favorite products like you've never had before!

The 'PANTRY KIT' gift box has everything you need to try if you want to get a broad understanding of the quality that goes into each of the products that carry our label.  Try skincare with our soap and Nuvo Pure to leave your outsides glowing just like your insides after eating Nuvo Olive Oil!  Honey from our farm, and jam from friends of the family who live and distribute near the farm.  

Nuvo Gourmet 'THE PANTRY KIT' Gift Box 

  • Spatula made from Olive Wood
  • Jasmine Scented Olive Oil Soap 
  • Nuvo Pure - SkinCare product we make 
  • Raw, Unpasteurized Honey in a hexagonal jar with a honey dipper
  • Apricot/Fig Jam made by friends of the family
  • 60 ml Blood Orange Olive Oil; Basil Olive Oil; Whire Peach White Balsamic; White Raspberry White Balsamic  

Combine this Box with another Box or 3 other Boxes for the fullest Nuvo experience!