Nuvo Gourmet Gift Box | HOLÉ MOLÉ

$ 73.99 USD

Nuvo's 'HOLÉ MOLÉ' Gift Box is the Perfect gift if you like a little heat!  This flavor kit showcases 2 of Nuvo’s spicy oils which combined with the Chocolate Balsamic, makes for some incredibly tasty dishes!

The 'HOLÉ MOLÉ gift box is for those who like some excitement in their meals!  If you want a simple mole-type dish, the chocolate mixed with both olive oils will do the trick.  And if you're in the mood for something sweet, spicy, tangy, and BBQ'y - swap out the chocolate for the Hickory Smoke Balsamic Vinegar.  Make a marinade or finish a chicken salad off with this mixture; this kit of spicy, sweet flavors is garaunteed to knock your socks off!

Nuvo Gourmet 'HOLÉ MOLÉ' Gift Box 

  • 500 ml Serrano Olive Oil 
  • 60 ml Jalapeno Pepper Olive Oil; Hickory Smoke Balsamic; Chocolate Balsamic 
  • Spatula made from Olive Wood

Combine this Box with another Box or 3 other Boxes for the fullest Nuvo experience (and to unlock some extra savings!)