Balsamic Vinegar | Savory Garlic

$ 11.99 USD


Our Balsamic Vinegar Savory Garlic has cloves of garlic mixed in with EVOO to enhance any of your cooking.

Consider this as a perfect ingredient for your next salad dressing. Pair it with our Diablo Jalapeño for a vinaigrette with a kick. Or try drizzled overstuffed portabello mushrooms.

A savory balsamic is often described as aromatic and zesty with flavors of sage and citrus, balanced with a subtle garlic attitude.

We're sure you will appreciate the simplicity of the distinct flavors and start creating your own wonderful original recipes.

Grab the Garlic Balsamic bottle, an apron, and a skillet, and start creating!

Pair it up with everything, it will be the "little black dress" of your kitchen.