The Estate Blend - Extra Virgin Olive Oil

$ 24.99 USD


 Extra Virgin Olive Oil 2023 Harvest


New York International Olive Oil Competition - Largest World Olive Oil Competition

  • 2023 GOLD MEDAL Winner
  • 2021 GOLD MEDAL Winner 
  • 2020 GOLD MEDAL Winner
  • 2019 GOLD MEDAL Winner
  • 2018 GOLD MEDAL Winner

The Estate Blend Olive Oil is a blend of our Early Harvest with our later harvest.  More fruity, buttery, and well-rounded on the palate, followed by a light pungency and slight pepper with litter bitterness.

This high polyphenol oil makes it not only an award-winning olive oil but one packed with heart-healthy antioxidants.

The Estate Blend has one of the richest amounts of health-promoting phenolic acid, a powerful health-protective antioxidant making it a choice superfood.

Oils made from olives in the early harvest are considered an innovation of goodness and taste, with a giving spectrum of earthy notes and nourishment.


All Nuvo Olive Oils uphold the same bountiful quality and are perfect for the modern wellness commitment, cooking, complementing and accompanying. Add this Extra Fresh Olive Oil to any dish and experience and enjoy a pronunciation of health and calm earthy flavors.

Try our real, California Fresh Estate Blend Olive Oil today!