Nuvo Gourmet Gift Box | TUTTI FRUITTI

$ 73.99 USD

Nuvo's 'TUTTI FRUITTI' Gift Box is the Perfect gift for those of you with a sweet tooth for Mother Nature's sweetest treats.  These are made from nature, not in a laboratory.  Indulge and feel good knowing you're eating healthy and tasty FOOD at the same time!   

The 'Tutti Frutti' gift box is for tasting the fruitier side of Nuvo.  With one large bottle of Meyer Lemon olive oil accompanied by 3 smaller sizes of the blood orange olive oil, the dark raspberry balsamic, and the strawberry white balsamic; this set will satisfy anyone who loves to play with fruit flavors.  Combine all 3 of these ingredients together to create an unforgettable dressing or use them separately and enjoy the uniqueness of each one.!

Nuvo Gourmet 'TUTTI FRUTTI' Gift Box 

  • Spatula Made from Olive Wood
  • 500 ml  Meyer Lemon Olive Oil 
  • 60 ml Blood Orange Olive Oil; Dark Rasberry Balsamic, Strawberry White Balsamic 

Combine this Box with another Box or 3 other Boxes for the fullest Nuvo experience (and to unlock some extra savings!)