Balsamic Vinegar - Tropical Pineapple

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Our 12-year Aged White Balsamic Vinegar flavored with Pineapple is like eating a summer meal - whether it's actually summer or not!  This fruity Balsamic Vinegar is rich and thick with a light touch of balsamic vinegar flavor and balanced with the flavor of pineapple.  A fabulous introduction to the world of premium flavored balsamic vinegar.

It is quite dense with a lovely, rich essence, yet exhibits the perfect balance of delicate sweetness and tartness. This makes for a versatile pairing with a number of flavors such as the Meyer Lemon and Jalapeno Olive Oils.  Tremendous as a glaze for both pork, ribs and chicken or simply drizzle on your favorite bowl of fruits, tofu or lentils.

Intensity: Medium

Ingredients: Trebbiano Grapes, Must, and Pineapple

Recommended for: This wonderfully tropical white balsamic is a beautiful addition to anywhere you want that great pineapple flavor!  Use on salads or as a marinade or on fruits or acai bowls and endless other goodies!


Pair it with our Infused Meyer Lemon Olive Oil or any of our award-winning Extra Virgin Olive Oils.


Available in 100, 250 and 500ml bottles

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