Balsamic Vinegar - Farm Fresh Strawberry

Ripe and Intense Taste of Berries. With its intense berry taste, a little of this sweet balsamic goes a long way. The ripe, fresh flavor adds a rich kick to Greek yogurt, grilled chicken, or cheesecake, and will have you picturing picnics in sunny strawberry fields. This variety is extremely versatile, and can produce a number of variant flavors depending on how it's used. Mixed with our Basil Olive Oil, it yields a delicious, summery vinaigrette; served with our Lemon Olive Oil, it transforms into liquid candy.

Intensity: Medium

Ingredients: Trebbiano Grapes, Must, Strawberries

Delicately Harvested:

Recommended for: Salad Dressings, Cooked Veggies, Desserts, Waffles/Pancakes/Crepes

Size: 150 ML or 5 Ounces per bottle

Pair With: Meyer Lemon, Blood Orange or any Extra Virgin

Serving suggestions: Best used on meals requiring a sweet topping. Especially tasty on fruit salads or desserts, the balsamic also works well if looking for a sweet glaze.

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