Balsamic Vinegar White | "The Godmother" Traditional 18 Year Aged

$ 11.99 USD


Aren't all Godmothers sweet, calm and collected? Well, we have just that kind of Godmother within our Balsamic Family! 

This smooth white balsamic vinegar has a subtle sweet taste because it's from a blend of white grape must and white wine vinegar, that is cooked at high pressure and low temperature which is why it’s so light in color.


All our Balsamic Vinegar are from Modena, Italy, and yes, aged, like wine!


Our pleasant light vinegar has a thicker consistency than other kinds of white vinegar because this Godmother retains the ideal acidity and tartness to magnify the flavors you want to highlight in your dishes. 

Serving Suggestion:

Ideal for any dishes that has a light color. 

Mix with any of our olive oils to enhance their unique flavors, or add to citrus juices like lime or lemon to reduce the need for other seasonings like salt.

Or mix it into a White Balsamic vinaigrette, with Dijon mustard, salt and pepper, little honey and viola, an excellent summerlicous and light vinaigrette!

Enjoy the White Balsamic Vinegar in your summer salads, too!



Available in 100, 250, 500 ml bottles and 6 Bottle Cases