The Most Popular Diet Ever!

by Kathy Strahan

The Most Popular Diet Ever!

As you know, faddish diet trends come and go, but there is one diet that retains its popularity. 

It’s the Mediterranean diet.

A big part of its popularity is that it’s not really a “diet”. 

Diets tend to restrict, and impose guilt, right?

Well, this is not true in the Mediterranean way of eating.

What exactly is the Mediterranean diet?


Here’s a rough overview:

First of all, the focus is on fresh, seasonal vegetables that are lovingly grown and then prepared with fragrant herbs and spices along with liberal amounts of healthy fat like Nuvo Olive Oil .

The diet is high in seafood, so imagine alongside the inviting pile of veggies there may be a generous portion of salmon or wild shrimp.

Mediterranean meals also include fruit, legumes, whole, unprocessed grains that are properly prepared, and occasional small portions of red meat.

In this eating plan,  you would also include some nuts, cheese, and eggs.


The wine, love, and laughter


Oh yes! The Mediterranean diet is known for its red wine and liberal amounts of love and laughter while folks gather round to savor their meals.


This special attention to meal preparation and enjoyment of eating plays a big part in the success of the Mediterranean diet.


No guilt, lots of fun, and great social support!


You in?


Yeah, me too!


The biggest Mediterranean myth


Contrary to popular belief, there is not one single “Mediterranean diet”.


Interesting, huh?


Turns out there are at least 16 countries that border the Mediterranean Sea.


And each country has its own unique dietary and cultural habits.


However, the primary hallmark that each Mediterranean country shares is the focus on lots of plant-based food that is grown locally, and lovingly prepared.


  • No packaged frozen dinners.
  • No drive-through fast food.


Instead, there is lots of social support for growing, preparing, and then with no guilt, truly savoring and enjoying every bite.


Yes, even if it is not low-fat.


The bottom line


Most health or medical professionals are still recommending eating plans that are low in dietary fat.


Recent studies show a lot of evidence that longevity and health suffer from low-fat eating.


Or worse, eating the wrong kind of fat found in highly processed food.


Instead, superb health and longevity are found in deliciously prepared veggies, seafood, along with non-gluten grains and legumes.


All of this prepared lovingly with liberal amounts of healthy fat found in olive oil.


So, have your olive oil, your red wine, and eat satisfying food, totally guilt free!


Next time, let’s show you the many proven benefits of living the Mediterranean diet lifestyle.


In the meantime, stock up on Nuvol Olive oils and olive oil 

Until next time!




Kathy Strahan
Kathy Strahan


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