What is sustainability and why is it important to us?

We are on a mission to create extraordinary olive oil while taking big steps towards helping our planet.

Sustainability is a way of using resources and taking actions in a manner that preserves the environment, supports long-term well-being, and doesn't harm the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.

It's about finding a balance between what we use from the Earth and what we give back, so that our planet can continue to thrive for a very long time.

It's like being a good caretaker of the Earth, making sure we don't use up all the good stuff and leave a mess for the people who come after us!


The Beginning of Something Great

Back in 2012, we stumbled upon an abandoned olive farm in Oroville, CA that our family owned. It was like finding treasure! During the same visit, we met our Italian mentor who explained that the olive oil market was/is full of fake olive
oil! Realizing what a unique and incredible opportunity presented itself, we decided we had to act and do something about this!  

Fast forward to today, awe are making a real difference in the world of olive oil. We blend old traditions with new ideas.  Everything with a 'Nuvo' label is top-notch quality!

Golden Achievements

By being stewards of our little olive orchard, we were able to produce some very high quality extra virgin olive oil. We now have a trophy case full of over 10 Gold Medals from the biggest olive oil competition in the world! It's like the orchard is giving us amazing olives and for that we would like to help to give back even more! 


Saving the Planet, One Barrel at a Time

For us now, it's all about being kind to the environment.

As we work alongside the Long Beach Convention Center, we teamed up with their amazing executive chef, Chef Jesus, with whom we came up with the idea for a better way to store oil in commercial kitchens. 

We aren't big fans of those throwaway plastic containers in commercial kitchens and would like to swap them out for larger, reusable barrels instead.

These barrels can hold 55 gallons of olive oil, which is like a small swimming pool's worth!

Why it Matters

1. **Easy-Peasy Procurement**: Imagine having just one big barrel instead of lots of little containers. It saves time, space, and makes everything run smoother in the kitchen.

2. **Money, Money, Money**: Switching from single-use plastic to these reusable barrels is a game-changer for kitchens. It's not just good for the planet, it's good for the budget, too.

3. **Saving Our Earth**: Nuvo is all about taking care of our planet. By using these barrels, we're saying no to a bunch of plastic waste. That's a big win for the environment!

In a Nutshell

With this small change in delivery container operation, we are being eco-friendly by moving from a single use plastic container to a refillable drum. We are able to do our part in minimizing the devastating impact on the environment. 

We are living proof that all of us can create amazing products while taking care of our beautiful planet.

So, next time you drizzle that delicious Nuvo olive oil on your salad, know that you're supporting something really special!

Remember, every small step towards sustainability adds up to a giant leap for our planet! 🌿✨

Josh M