Hey there, olive oil enthusiasts! 🌿

If you've ever wondered what makes some extra virgin olive oils the absolute best in the world, you're in for a treat.

We're going to uncover the secrets behind choosing top-tier olive oils in international competitions. Imagine you're the judge, and these oils are the contestants in a culinary beauty pageant – let's dive right in!


1. Look for Freshness Like It's a Treasure Hunt

Imagine biting into a juicy apple picked straight from the tree. Now, think about olive oil!

The fresher, the better. So, criteria number one: check the harvest date. The fresher the olive oil, the more vibrant and delicious it will be.


2. Aroma: Sniff Out the Good Stuff!

Close your eyes and take a whiff of that olive oil. Does it remind you of freshly cut grass, herbs, or maybe even green tomatoes?

These are the delightful aromas you want to discover. The aroma of the oil can tell you a lot about its quality and the types of olives used.


3. Taste Test: Get Ready for a Flavor Adventure

This part is the most exciting! Take a tiny sip and let it dance on your taste buds. Is it fruity, spicy, or maybe a bit bitter?

The perfect olive oil will have a harmonious balance of all these flavors. It should leave a pleasant and lingering taste in your mouth, like a good story you can't forget.

4. The Bitter and Pungent Punch

You're not choosing olive oil for a mild, boring taste, are you? The bitterness and pungency in the oil are like the thrill in a rollercoaster ride. A little kick, a little excitement!

These qualities are signs of top-quality olive oil. They show the oil is made from healthy, ripe olives.

5. Check the Label for Awards and Certification

Just like an Olympic athlete shows off their medals, award-winning olive oils display their awards. Look for seals of approval from international competitions. These labels are like gold stars on your olive oil bottle, telling you it's world-class.

6. Single Variety or Blend? It's All About Preference

Some olive oils are made from a single variety of olives, while others are a blend. It's like choosing between a solo rock star and a supergroup.

Both can be amazing, so it comes down to your taste buds' preferences. Try different types to discover your favorite!

7. Extra Virgin All the Way

Don't settle for less than extra virgin olive oil. It's the top-quality grade, just like choosing the best ice cream flavors at an ice cream parlor.

Extra virgin means it's pure, without any funny business or hidden ingredients.


Remember, finding the best olive oils is like going on a treasure hunt. Follow these criteria like your treasure map, and you'll soon be enjoying the finest extra virgin olive oils from around the world.

So, grab your favorite crusty bread, pour some olive oil into a small dish, and start your own olive oil adventure today!

Cheers to delicious, award-winning flavors! 

Happy olive oil tasting! 🌿🍀👩‍🍳

Josh M