Hummus As a Healthy Super Food 

Hummus, a recipe made famous in the Mediterranean, this Saharan dip won the hearts of the modern world almost overnight. In the essence of Sesame, lemon, garlic, garbanzo and of course a really good olive oil is a huge guided following.

Often enjoyed with a beautiful flatbread known as pita, originating in Egypt; Hummus has made it’s way from the ancient Saharan feasts to an often favored centerpiece of those busy bodies in the modern health crowds on a fancy day’s diet. And thanks to the help of big supporters like “Yoga International” and even “Fitness Magazine” hummus has comfortably made it into the everyday routine of a plentiful modern mix who are routinely involved with optimal self-health and wellness.

Labeled as the smartest snack of the Century, knowing how to make a good hummus is a helpful huge plus in this new health inspired era. It’s also a great way to impress friends and spread the wealth of health with loved ones.

In the essence of hummus is also a really good olive oil. Not only must it be really good, but it should also be really good for the hummus being made. The Expert Blend Olive Oil is Nuvo’s most elegant olive oil. Favorably recommended to make a great hummus, this collectors olive oil is giftingly helpful to a hummus creation. The leafy spring notes will enrich the hummus and wow the senses in such that your invites will more probably share the delight in their tinkering social media habit than not. It’s that good!

Here’s a helpful, simple and authentic Hummus recipe from a real Saharan that was willing to help by sharing her tips for an Authentic Mediterranean hummus recipe with Nuvo.


  • Step 1: Boil one can of garbanzos with spring water and a pinch of salt.
  • Step 2: Add one clove of garlic along with the boiled garbanzos into a blender.
  • Step 3: Blend the ingredients together.
  • Step 4: Once blended, combine the hummus paste with a quarter of a cup of really good olive oil


To add a visible beauty to it, top it off with one mint leaf and what you get is the most authentic Mediterranean hummus recipe in the Saharan Hemisphere.If you wish to personalize your hummus once you get a good template going, follow this guiding rule, don’t fret, add lemon zest, onion, purple basil, paprika, and the list goes on.


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