A Natural Beautifying Experience With EVOO

You may have heard; the rising excitement in olive oil topics is a trend made famous by countless Queens of extravagance, a trend that’s been in existence for more than hundreds of years and still it exists today in breaking news varieties and that popular thread is the endless pursuit of healthy and beautiful hair through the means of one of nature’s most giving trees that are known throughout the world to produce olives. Olive Oil has been a part of hair care routines since the days of the ancient Egyptians when even Cleopatra was incorporating the bounty of an olive tree to her shimmering persona in hopes of maintaining her fairness, her vibrance and her charm.

Becoming acquainted with olive oil hair treatments is a commendable consideration for those who are dedicated and determined to beautify their hair, for those who are looking to express a next level consideration for their beauty health and for those who would like to sophisticate their self-health routine. It is well known that the winter season can do the opposite of wonders for a person’s hair, and it is now even better known that olive oil possesses a curative property for this common hair challenge. Real Olive Oil is one of the best ways to bring moisture to damaged hair follicles.

One of the olive oil’s best and more pronounced beautification traits is the remedial benefit it has upon damaged hair; it cleanses the scalp and moisturizes split ends away. Not only can this botanical liquid gold cure commercially damaged hair through it’s smooth and strengthening qualities, but it can also prevent the early vanishing of true hair color, shying grayness away for a more permanent resilience to modern day stress.


A good olive oil will protect as it envelopes the hair strands one by one, until they are all enriched with vitamins and minerals, a rich silking of the hair will reveal itself as second to none in the realm of curative processes that are known in this era to produce a satisfying result in a hair care explorative. It is a self-care practice to be enjoyed during and after the application of quality olive oil, therefore mixing it with an aromatic oil such as lavender or peppermint may be preferred.


The olive oil that is best suited for a hair care routine that Nuvo would like to bring to your attention is The Early Harvest Olive Oil, it’s flourishing with robust minerals and vitamins and it’s rich and important nature makes it one of the best olive oils for hair beautification. From Nuvo to healthy follicle enthusiasts here and everywhere. Have a Great Beautifying Experience!