Balsamic Vinegar | Dark Chocolate "Cioccolato"

$ 11.99 USD


Balsamic Cioccolato - Prepare to be Amazed!

Our premium and gourmet Dark Chocolate Balsamic Vinegar glaze exudes a sweet and flavorful rich chocolate taste.

A fine specialty chocolate novelty to appreciate, enjoy and indulge in with or without dessert.

This natural chocolate goodness delightfully blends into a superbly aged balsamic vinegar from Modena Italy.

The Nuvo Dark Chocolate Balsamic also makes for an amazing gift, unique and great for those who love specialty chocolates or who would like to surprise a loved one with an enjoyable chocolate novelty.

Serving Help

Drizzle this chocolate balsamic on strawberries to make a unique dessert of chocolate-covered strawberries. It's also great with fresh fruit, gourmet cheeses, healthy and creative salads, special marinades, figs, cheesecake, and artisan bread.

Pairings: This unique Cioccolato Balsamic pairs great with the Blood Orange Olive Oil 

Available in 100,  250 and 500 ml bottles.

  • Rich Specialty Chocolate 
  • Artisan Savory Sweet
  • Great Gift Idea
  • A Unique Premium Novelty  
  • 100% Natural