How Do You Know If Your Olive Is Real?

by Kathy Strahan

How Do You Know If Your Olive Is Real?

Can you tell if your olive oil is fake?

Recently, we had friends over and I served a simple dip made mostly from fresh local olive oil.

People at the gathering commented on the amazing fresh taste.

What always amazes me is how real, healthy food stands out.

People notice and appreciate healthy food because they can see and taste the difference!

Some asked what kind of olive oil was used because the one they have at home does not compare.

Here’s why: most store-bought olive oil is fake

According to 60 Minutes in 2016, it revealed that Italy's olive oil business has been corrupted by the Mafia, which is making big bucks tampering with Italian olive oil.

So, “75-80 percent of the oil sold in the U.S.” (imported from Italy) is adulterated with cheaper, and much more inferior oils.

Given the widespread fraud in the olive oil industry, especially oil imported from Italy, most of us are still unknowingly buying fake olive oil.

Why doesn’t the FDA do something about the olive oil fraud?

We as Americans trust that the FDA is policing and regulating food fraud, right?

Wrong. Turns out, food fraud is not high on their list.

However, as informed consumers, now we know, and we can make an informed choice.


You can choose the real thing

Sourcing healthy, nutritious food, especially olive oil is possible.

You can choose fake store-bought olive oil, or you can choose a source of olive oil that can be trusted.


Freshly harvested Nuvo Olive Oil

FYI, Nuvo Olive Oil comes to you, harvested fresh from a family farm in northern California.

Josh Mardigian and his family are hands-on with every aspect of Nuvo Olive Oil from planting to table.

The Mardigian family would love to share their olive oil bounty with you so you can taste the real thing too.


Guest blog by Kathy Strahan - Nutrition Educator
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Kathy Strahan
Kathy Strahan


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