Ever wondered where olive oil came from? From its ancient origins in the rocky landscapes of the eastern Mediterranean to the revered groves of ancient Greece, the story of olive oil is a journey through time, culture, and tradition

Ancient Origins:

The use of olive oil dates back to ancient times, with evidence suggesting that olive trees were cultivated as early as 6000 BC in the eastern Mediterranean basin.

The olive tree, scientifically known as Olea europaea, thrived in the rocky and arid landscapes of the region, making it a valuable and resilient crop.

The use of olive oil was not limited to a single civilization. Both the Mesopotamians and Egyptians embraced the olive tree and its fruit.

Olive oil played a crucial role in religious ceremonies, daily life, and as a precious commodity for trade.

However, ancient Greece holds a special place in the history of olive oil production.

The olive tree was revered, and olive oil became an integral part of Greek culture. Olive oil was not only used for culinary purposes but also in medicine, religious rituals, and as a symbol of wealth and prosperity.

The ancient Olympic athletes were known to anoint themselves with olive oil, considering it a symbol of strength and purity.


Mediterranean Tradition:

As we explore the captivating history of olive oil, we find its ancient roots deeply embedded in the Mediterranean tradition.

The Mediterranean basin remains the epicenter of olive oil production. Countries like Spain, Italy, Greece, and Southern France have perfected the art of cultivating olive trees and producing high-quality olive oil.

The unique combination of climate, soil, and tradition in the Mediterranean region continues to yield some of the finest olive oils in the world.

Yet, the story doesn't end there.

Heart of California

Today, in the heart of California, a small olive oil orchard stands as a testament to the enduring legacy of this liquid gold.

In the golden state of California, each olive tells a story. The warm days and cool nights contribute to the perfect conditions for our mission olives. As the olives soak up the Californian sun, they develop a robust flavor profile that sets this olive oil apart, creating a true taste of the terroir.

Our olive orchard is nestled in the sun-kissed landscapes of California, where the climate and soil echo the Mediterranean's charm!

This is not merely a business venture; it's a passionate pursuit, bringing the time-honored traditions of olive oil production to the fertile soils of the West Coast.

Our commitment to quality goes hand in hand with a dedication to sustainable practices.

From organic cultivation methods to water conservation initiatives, our orchard not only produces exceptional olive oil but does so with a mindful approach to the environment.

As you savor the richness of our olive oil, you're not just experiencing a culinary delight; you're tasting a piece of history—a legacy rooted in tradition and flourishing in the fertile soil of California.

From ancient roots to Californian soil, the journey of olive oil continues, inviting you to be a part of its ever-evolving story.

Stay healthy, friends!


Josh M