Nuvo Mother's Day | 3 Soap Cake Look-a-Like

$ 36.99 USD

A Unique Set of Olive Oil Soaps to Keep Mom Looking Happy and Healthy!

A collection of 3 exquisite soaps that we've packaged in an adorable looking cake box.  Is it a slice of cake?  No!  It's 3 of your favorite Olive Oil Soaps!  Treat mom to a much healthier gift than that guilty piece of cake, and leave her with the tools to help stay radiant and glowing! 

Each soap within the NuvovLuxe line is meticulously crafted to provide a luxurious and indulgent experience for your skin.

What's in our Mother's Day Set?

  1. Jasmine Olive Oil Soap
  2. Lilly Olive Oil Soap
  3. Blood Orange Olive Oil Soap

Help a mom celebrate the beauty and grace of motherhood with our 3 soap collection!