2021 HARVEST - Fused Olive Oil | Meyer Lemon

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Fused Meyer Lemon Olive Oil

****2021 HARVEST  - Amazing Oil that is great until at least Jan. 2025!!

Yes this oil from the 2021 harvest, but it’s still super fresh and tasty!

This artisan fused olive oil has an amazingly balanced flavor, as the lemon will complement rather than dominate your food.

Meyer Lemons are milled at the same time as our Olives from our healthy Olive Grove which makes this Lemon Olive Oil a superfood.

Love is the process in every step of the way, Nuvo Meyer Lemon Olive Oil is wellness-plentiful and it’s great flavor will amaze the palate.

Far from an age-old recipe, the lemon to olive fusion process is entirely new and the healthy feeling found within it is pronounced abundant and flavorful present.

Suggestions :

Salad Casseroles, Lemon Olive Fish, Mediterranean Chicken, Asparagus, Quinoa, Fresh Seafood, Gourmet Tacos,  Authentic Pasta Dishes


  • Fig Balsamic - This is one of our most popular combinations. The pair is a match made in heaven. Pair as a salad dressing, dress a grilled chicken platter or a fresh ocean food plate for an amazingly balanced flavor.


Available in 250 ml and 500 ml bottles.

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