Our Early Harvest EVOO wins GOLD at 2018 NYIOOC - Largest Olive Oil Competition in the world!

Everyday Cooking Oil | EVOO

Our Everyday Cooking Oil is fresh, Extra Virgin and from a later harvest, so this smooth olive oil is optimal for cooking! 

Some olive oils are ideally suited for finishing foods while other oils are better as a cooking oil without losing any flavor, healthy polyphenols nor monounsaturated fats. 

No matter in a hot pan, oven or grill our Everyday Cooking Oil can get up to 400F, the perfect option when sauteing vegetables, frying eggs, pan fry chicken or baking a fish.

Try this oil also for salads or dipping bread, which we fully encourage as well! 

Ideal for: Sautéing, Deep Frying, Baking, Dipping, and Finishing

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