Artisan Olive Oil Vinaigrette - Dueling Dragons

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The Dueling Dragons! Nuvo's Artisan Olive Oil Vinaigrette combines two of our favorite, fresh products into a toxic blend! 

Do you enjoy our Meyer Lemon White Balsamic Vinegar and our Garlic Olive Oil? Now you can have both in a single bottle.

These flavors are truly Dueling Dragons, the synergy between both essential flavors fills your palette. This is fast becoming one of our most popular blends. 

* Outstanding over a dark green salad
* Pour over grilled chicken
* Excellent over white fish
* An amazing secret ingredient in marinades
* Great for grilling pork and beef
* Insane over salads

Instructions: Shake well every time you are going to use. Do not refrigerate, keep in a dry, cool, dark place away from heat, light, and air.

Try our artisan olive oil vinaigrette today!

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