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OLIO NUOVO - EVOO 500 ml | 2020 Limited Edition


This once a season olive oil is just weeks old!  Recently freshly pressed Early Harvest, this olive oil is so fresh it's neon green! 

Olio Nuovo is coveted throughout the world because as we know fresh olive oil comes bursts with different flavors and packs in the most nutrients, antioxidants, and polyphenols.  This California treasure is less than 3 months old and will blow your palette away! 

Exploding with a pungent, slightly bitter and strong taste of green apple and fresh grass – Nuvo’s Olio Nuovo requires the freshest ingredients.

Nuvo actually gets its name from Olio Nu(o)vo.  This is because of our guarantee that our olive oil will always only be available fresh throughout the year.


All our Extra Virgin Olive Oils are wonderful for finishing and cooking or for raw consumption but this spicy meatball is most cherished as a finishing oil.  Whether it’s bread, fresh or cooked veggies.

This is also a medicinal/like olive oil.  Put some in your smoothie.  Gargle with it. Take a tablespoon shot in the morning.  Swish your mouth with it.  Rub it in your hair.  Use it to remove makeup.


All our Extra Virgin Olive Oils pair well with any of our Aged Balsamic Vinegars.  

First Cold Pressed in a Vacuum 

COOC Extra Virgin Certified

**ONLY IN 500 ML AVAILABLE (the big bottle!)

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